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IT IS NEVER TOO EARLY OR LATE in life to learn the fundamentals of success. This book gives clear insight into the pursuit of a happy and successful life and shows you how to reach the top!

The author draws on his own experience as well as life lessons from interviews with super-successful people in various fields, such as Former Secretary of State Madelaine Albright and Governor Jeb Bush, novelist Brad Meltzer, billionaire Wayne Huizenga, and CEOs of some of America’s largest corporations. You will learn how they have seen and grasped opportunity, have overcome adversity, have perservered through difficulty, have maintained a positive outlook in the face of negative events. These interviews will be a
source of inspiration and strength.


“Alan Becker has captured the essence of success. The book shows how the tools for success are within everyone’s reach, and takes away the mystery of why some people are successful and others are not.”

Jorge Perez, CEO, The Related Group; Forbes 400 billionaire developer, 2005 Time Magazine list of 25 most influential Hispanics in America


“Alan Becker has written a book that provides rock solid ‘real world’ guidance to people just starting out in the business world. The advice and insights offered by those who have scaled the pinnacle of success are as fascinating as they are useful. Think of this book when you’re looking for a great graduation gift.”

Frank T. Brogan, President, Florida Atlantic University, former Lt. Governor
of Florida.


“A must read!”

Wayne Huizenga, Forbes 400 billionaire entrepreneur, founder of Waste Management Inc., Blockbuster Video, Auto-Nation, and owner of the NFL Miami Dolphins.


Alan S. Becker has served in the Florida Legislature, and founded what is now the 15th largest law firm in Florida. A successful businessman, political leader, college lecturer, in April, 2005, South Florida CEO Magazine listed him as one of the most “powerful”
people in Florida.

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